After recent changes in relations and trade partnerships with China, Australia has seen a huge demand for importing products from Chinese manufacturers and an increase exports to China and other Asian countries. With almost 40 years experience in product sourcing, importing and logistics, Marc Bolliger and Ed Horwood co founded MyShipper to bridge the gap between Australian businesses and China.

With reliable teams in both China and Australia, MyShipper is easy and efficient gateway for businesses to source products from overseas. By using MyShipper, Australian businesses are able to buy directly from Chinese manufacturers, cutting agent and wholesaler fees which can dramatically reduces their costs and increase their sales. This supports business, which otherwise do not have the resources or the means to access Chinese manufacturers and enables them to benefit from recent trade partnerships with China.


Marc Bolliger


After being the Managing Director of a leading logistics company in Switzerland, I decided to embark on Australia to position myself in the emerging Asia Pacific market. MyShipper was founded out of my desire to help Australian businesses prosper by using my experience and knowledge.

Ed Horwood


Whilst running a successful trades and services directory, I felt that Australian tradies needed help gaining access to the Chinese supply network as they were over paying for goods. I then created a new process that streamlined the buying process by avoiding too many middle men.

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