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Ten Tips to Source your Products from China Chinese Wholesale Tip 1: Verify your Supplier This is a very important Chinese Wholesale tip. The number of manufacturers and suppliers in China is endless and the efficiency, quality and legitimacy between them vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to verify your supplier before you make a payment. Do not get impressed by a professional website and rankings on Alibaba. There is only one way to properly verify a business in…

China Packaging

China Packaging

No one likes getting a package in the mail to find the goods inside damaged or, worse, broken. When this happens the temptation is always to blame the postage services (everyone likes blaming their postie) but, no matter how bad the postal service is, just as often the damage will be caused by a poor packaging.

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China Import Mistakes

China importing is a major opportunity for those that know the formula as it is the manufacturing capital of the world. There are so many factories in China so it can be a complicated process if you don’t follow the right advice. These are of risks when sourcing from China as there are a variety of qualities available which can lead to sub standard products.  With the right guidance, these pitfalls can be avoided.

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Import From China To Australia

ChAFTA has made it easier and more profitable to import from China to Australia. It was introduced in 20 December 2015. On this day 7,289 individual Chinese tariffs were cut, 1,710 tariffs were eliminated completely and 5,579 had their first of several cuts. There was a free trade agreement portal set up to help Therefore, it has never been a better time to import from china but there are a few things to consider first.