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China Wholesale 

China WholesaleIf you are looking to buy at China wholesale prices, buying directly from a manufacturer in China can save you around 30-80% from suppliers in Australia.  MyShipper has a network of manufacturers and suppliers from which we can source the product or products that you are looking for.  The advantage of ordering wholesale in China is the landed cost (including shipping) is dramatically reduced because of a large number of units giving you Wholesale prices.

Getting China wholesale prices is very easy when you have a team like MyShipper working for you on the ground.  Whether you have an existing product or are looking for something new, we will give you access to our network manufacturers, who produce products and materials to Australian standards.

How To Get China Wholesale Prices:

Getting started is easy.  Simply fill out one of our inquiry forms and a member of the team will get in touch to find out what products or materials you are looking for.  Whether it is a new or existing product we will send the specifications over to our office in China. Our team will then get quotes from various manufacturers and come back to you with a landed price report, including door to door shipping, GST, taxes, and levies where applicable -so everything is outlined upfront.

China WholesaleOrder Quantities 

Every business has different budgets, price targets and expectations. However, it is only cheaper to import from China if you order in bulk.  This is because the price always depends on the number of units required and additional costs such as shipping are always cheaper as a cost per unit, with a larger number of units.  Whatever product you are looking for, MyShipper has a  large network of manufacturers and our own warehouse in China. We then distribute your products using our trusted shipping partners, to help you successfully import from China.


Before you place an order, we will arrange samples to be sent out to you along with a detailed specification sheet, to ensure that the product is of the highest quality and standard that you expect.  The sampling process is the most important and requires an immense amount of work as most clients require customisation and branding. MyShipper take great care to make sure each order is set up correctly from the beginning. We have an office in China so we can then make any amendments in person. It is very important to have the right factory that already manufactures quality products for large companies. MyShipper always arranges their samples in the factory that will manufacture the product.  Once you have approved the sample and place an order, we will sign a legal contract with the factory.

Quality Control 

If you are buying wholesale from China, you want to make sure that the product you receive is exactly the product that you ordered.  Our team implements a robust quality control process, which ensures that product matches the sample you approved.  This process involves inspecting your products as they come off the production line and doing a final inspection before the order is dispatched from the factory floor to check for any defects.  While carrying out the final inspection, we will send you photos, videos of your products and can even call or FaceTime you from the factory floor so that you can see the product before it is shipped to your door. MyShipper then takes care of the whole production process for you, deal directly with the manufacturers and implement our onsite quality control process.

China WholesalePrice

The biggest benefit of importing from China is getting attractive prices to reduce overheads and remaining competitive. Most large businesses have operations in China that they manage directly to guarantee quality. Small and medium size businesses simply can not compete by buying locally anymore so sourcing from China is the only option. Without the resources of major multinationals, they often encounter problems. MyShipper offers small and medium size businesses the chance to buy wholesale products from China while guaranteeing the quality. Our agents are in China ready to help you with your wholesale import so get in touch and we will offer some advice.


Ordering at China Wholesale prices is very attractive but it is important to use the right factory. A common mistake is that importers use directory sites and a Chinese agent will simply get the best sample but subsequently order from a cheaper supplier to match the unrealistic price they quoted. This can lead to quality issues. MyShipper undertakes all our business in person and only use premium factories. Use a China Sourcing Agent for peace of mind and advice.

For More Information Visit Australian Border Protection for all the importing rules and restrictions or contact us and we will simplify it all.



We get quotes direct from manufacturers to get you China wholesale prices.


We’ll send you a customised sample and we match it to your product.


We’ll inspect the product before it is dispatched and ship it to your door.

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 Adam Booth, Business owner – Melbourne

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