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China Sourcing AgentTraditionally, importing materials and products could only be done by large businesses with the resources and money to spend. Today, using a China sourcing agent like MyShipper can enable small to medium size businesses to import quality products directly from Chinese factories. MyShipper makes the importing process hassle free. Even if businesses have never imported before, MyShipper is the only point of contact needed. Our China Sourcing Agents will directly take care of product sourcing, negotiating prices, sales contracts, purchasing, quality control, importing, permits and logistics to get your products right to your door. Importing is not a straight forward process as there are steps you need to take before even placing an order. Here is a breakdown of steps our China sourcing agent will take in order to help you import quality products and materials at the best price. 

Sourcing The Right Product 

This involves choosing from the huge array of potential suppliers and assessing them for reliability and honesty, which can help avoid problems down the track. More Info

China Sourcing Agent Packaging 

Packaging is very important and often overlooked because the factories normally add the cost at the end. At MyShipper we have no hidden costs so we account for everything before we start. Packaging is not only fundamental for the safe transport of your goods but also for branding. Secure packaging that is branded and ready for sale in Australia is the MyShipper way. If you don’t use a China sourcing agent, then your goods are at risk of being damaged in transit as most factories use cheap packaging unless it is contracted. More Info

Negotiating Price 

It’s not recommended to accept the first price a supplier provides as almost any price you receive is negotiable.  You can usually get a better deal, particularly if you know their costs and often comparing several suppliers will help indicate a fair price. More Info

Price Vs Quality 

Many suppliers will offer exceptionally low prices to tempt importers. However, this doesn’t mean businesses should order because it’s highly likely the factory have sacrificed the quality. The cheapest price compared to other suppliers is normally warning sign.

The Most Mistakes Common Are: 
  1. The manufacturers lure you in with the cheapest price and then add extra costs like packaging, materials, customizations and delivery.
  2. The factory provides a great sample but cut corners in production to save money.
  3. FOB is quoted which doesn’t include: GST, Customs Clearance & Overland Delivery In Australia.

Importers make the mistake of choosing the cheapest price and it costs them dearly in the end. Businesses are lured in with nice photos and unrealistic promises so the manufacturer can secure the deposit without actually visiting the factory in person. You always have to ask yourself, how can this factory produce this for less than everyone else? Most times your hunch is correct but occasionally there is a good opportunity as a factory is new and they need business but this type of order needs hands-on management. More Info

China Sourcing Agent Specifications And Quantities 

Getting the exact specifications for your product is hugely important. Manufacturers have been known to make costly mistakes simply because they weren’t given enough detail on a product’s specifications.

The more you order the cheaper it gets. Larger orders mean more leverage with the factory and delivery costs are reduced per unit. More Info 

Landed Quotes

Importers always fall into the trap of getting quotes online without accounting for the actual total landed cost. Online directories normally quote in USD and FOB (Free On Board) By quoting FOB they can quote without outlining all the extra fees incurred to your door. The total cost includes shipping, insurance, customs clearance, taxes and overland delivery in Australia. MyShipper delivers a landed cost report with no hidden fees. When you place an order, you can determine if the import is feasible without any major surprises later on. More Info

china sourcing agentShipping 

This includes completing all the relevant paperwork and ensuring that the correct taxes and levies are paid on your goods once they arrive in port and having them cleared by customs before they are finally delivered to your door. More Info


For More Information Visit Australian Border Protection for all the importing rules and restrictions or contact us and we will simplify it all.



We source and audit reputable suppliers and arrange genuine samples of your products.

Go It Alone

You may find a supplier, but you may not be able to identify the problems you might face down the track without a professional audit.


We negotiate the price and hold the supplier responsible for producing a quality product which match-es your exact specifications.

Go It Alone

You may get a good price from a supplier but it’s likely they’ll cut corners to increase their own margin and give you an inferior product.


We work out the most cost effective shipping method, take care of all paperwork and arrange shipment from door to door.

Go It Alone

You may not calculate the true cost of shipping or incorrectly complete paperwork, resulting in unexpected costs or fines from customs officials.

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