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Doing Business In China Doing business in China can be a tricky business, especially if you don’t know what you are doing or you’re talking to the wrong people. MyShipper can negotiate on your behalf to secure the best quality and price for your products. We also impose manufacturing deadlines and protect for your business with legal contracts. With offices in China, we work as part of your business to get you the best deals and look out for your interests. It is best to get help when doing business in China as the mistakes can be costly. 


This is one of hardest things to master when doing business in China. Negotiations are an ongoing process, so knowing who to speak to and asking the right questions can help save you a lot of time and money. You should only speak and negotiate with a representative who has the authority to make important decisions. Usually, these people don’t speak any English, so our multi-lingual staff are an invaluable asset. When negotiating, it’s important to ask questions about the quality and the manufacturing process and to get all the details in writing.  There are two strategies to get the best price when negotiating and it generally depends on order quantity. When importing small quantities it’s harder to negotiate on price, however shopping around can save you money. When importing larger quantities you need to have a good understanding of the manufacturers material and labour costs in order to get the best price.  By using MyShipper, you can save time by letting us weigh up these costs in order to secure you the best price. 

Doing Business In ChinaPurchasing 

Once all of the relevant contracts have been signed, the usual terms are to make a 30% deposit to the manufacturers for the goods. The balance is then paid once you receive the goods, having checked their quality and are happy with the order. It is recommended to structure payments to manufacturers contingent on certain terms being met. Suppliers will be more willing to cooperate with you and adhere to your wishes if they have absorbed the cost of manufacturing with only a deposit from you.  This offers leverage for future negotiations and means that you can receive your products and confirm the quality of them before paying the balance. Having an agent in China will greatly improve your success when doing business in China.

For More Information Visit Australian Border Protection for all the importing rules and restrictions or contact us and we will simplify it all.




We tender and negotiate on your behalf to secure deals with the right people who have authority.

Go It Alone

You may negotiate prices and terms with English speaking sales reps who do not have the authority to make decisions.


We make sure the sales contracts are valid and written to protect your business and are signed and stamped by the correct person.

Go It Alone

If you obtain an invalid sales contract you may end up with poor quality products and you may not be protected against the manufacturer.


We ensure that you only pay for your goods once you receive them and are happy that they meet your quality standards.

Go It Alone

You may find it hard to hold the manufacturer accountable for sub standard products, having paid some or all of the balance before receipt.

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