Why source products and materials from China?

Sourcing products and materials from China can save you 30-50% from wholesalers and suppliers found locally in Australia.  Please see our frequently asked questions, or contact one of our agents on 1300 504 144 to find out more.

If you are ordering products or materials in bulk, you would definitely benefit from importing from China.  If you are a manufacturer, we can find a manufacturer to supply you with materials or pre made components, which will not only cut your costs, but also your manufacturing time.  Contact us today to find out we can help your business.

Why use MyShipper?

Sourcing and importing products from China isn’t a simple as buying from an online directory.  Many people go down this route, which is not only time consuming but can end in disaster if your product isn’t quite how you expected it.  MyShipper has experienced Australian staff on the ground in China with established networks that give you access to the largest manufactures, the best wholesale prices and custom made samples.

What happens when I contact you online or submit my details?

After submitting your details one of our friendly staff will get in touch to discuss the product you are looking for and any customisations or specifications.  One of our staff in China will then give you a call to arrange a sample to be sent out along with a no obligation landed quote, including door to door shipping.  Get started is easy, you can call us on 1300 504 144 or send us an enquiry and a member of the team will be in touch.

Are there minimum order quantities?

It depends on the product and we will be able to give you an indication of order quantity over the phone. Generally, most products or materials will require a minimum order quantity (MOQ), while some large high value items will not.  Manufacturers can differ and so we get quotes  from multiple manufacturers to find the best one that suits you.  A quick phone call with one of our experts will put you on the right track to sourcing your product, so contact us today to find out more.

What are the payment terms?

It can differ slightly depending on the product or size of the order, however they are normally broken down as follows: 60% of the balance before manufacture, 30% before the product is dispatched (pending MyShipper final quality control inspection) and 10% when it arrives in port here in Australia.  We will call you from the factory floor and will also send you photos and videos of your products before they leave the factory floor.  We will then keep you updated as it leaves and arrives in port with a final delivery date of when you will take delivery.

How long does it take for products to arrive?

This will depend on the complexity of the product and the order quantity.  Samples can arrive in as little as 3 days once they have been dispatched from the factory floor while shipping can take as little as 11 days to arrive in port.  You always have to take into account factory lead times, which differ from factory to factory. Customisations or fully custom made products can take a while longer.  One of our agents can give you more information with a quick phone call, so contact us today to find out more.

What is your quality control process and is it important?

Quality control is probably the most important aspect of importing.  If the product turns up at your door and it is wrong, faulty, has small defects or doesn’t match the sample, then there’s not much you can do about it without incurring the cost of shipping it back to China.  Products and materials should be inspected before, during and after manufacture, so that if there are small marks or defects on your products, they can be remade before they leave the factory floor.  Never rely on a manufacturer’s in house quality control.

Can I get a sample?

We highly recommend getting a sample so that you can see the quality and approve the product before you place an order.  We will then implement our quality control process to ensure that your product matches the sample before it is dispatched from the factory floor.  If you decide to order your product from an online directory then you can never guarantee that the product you receive will match the sample you were sent.  That is why it is important to use a company with an office in Australia and an office in China with people on the ground that can guarantee the product with each and every order.

How much does it cost to produce prototypes?

It depends on the design of the product.  We deal with lots of new products that are coming onto the market and have non-disclosure agreements to protect your designs or products.  Contact us to discuss your design in more detail and we will be able to give you an idea of costs and the timeframe in which a prototype can be produced.

What are your fees?

Our set up fee depends on a number of different products that you need and the complexity of the goods. We normally charge a one off fee set up fee of $500 to carry out the due diligence and send one of our agents out to manufacturers. We report back with photos, videos, a factory report and compile a landed no obligation quote.  Once you have approved the sample and place an order we typically charge a 5-7% service fee to oversee the whole process, including our 3 step quality control process.  This fee is included in the unit price and is absorbed by savings we pass on to you by going direct to the manufacturer, which are typically 30-50% from your current supplier here in Australia. Larger orders can be negotiated though and we typically have a service of around 2k-5k depending on the size of the order and work involved.  Contact us to find out more.

What type of products am I able to order?

Through our established network in the Chinese market and our broad customer portfolio, we have access to an established network of manufactures. This gives us the opportunity to offer an extensive product portfolio which includes electronics, building materials, packaging & promotional materials, textiles, bags, shoes, sports equipment and many other categories. Not only standard products can be organized by us. We are also able to tailor product solutions (such as machinery components) according to a plan.

Do you have staff in China?

Yes. In our own office in the industrial city of Guangzhou (China), our experts have an extensive network and experience in the Chinese market. Our staff ensures quality control and provides the documentation of the production if required. This includes images and videos of production in progress in a factory. We have Australian staff on the ground in China to assist you every step of the way. All our employees in Guangzhou are fluent in English and Mandarin / Cantonese.

It’s one thing to source a product at a competitive price, but it’s another
to source a certified product that meets your exact requirements.